When was your first crush?

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25 Responses to When was your first crush?

  1. Michelle says:

    My first crush in Kindergarten was also the first marriage proposal I received. I can’t remember if I accepted.

  2. Michelle says:

    I try to avoid my crush because I feel embarrassed, will he feel bad/sad?

  3. Carli says:

    I just keep it all to myself. I wish I had the guts to tell him. :,( Sigh… ❤ anyway, happy valentines day! 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Just tell them the worst they could say is that they dont like you back. Thats the kind of person I am I have been through many crushes!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Tell him! Or you’ll end up like me. I moved schools last year, and he was my best friend. It’s been over a year now and he has a girlfriend. But I think about him ALL the time. So take a chance, if he doesn’t like you, you’ll move on. I know it seems really hard, but if you don’t tell him, you might regret it later.

  4. Amadi says:

    My first crush was in 2 grade in 2008. It was not a big crush cause we just stopped thinking we had cooties.:p

  5. Unknown says:

    My first crush happened in 4th grade. I like my crush, but I don’t love her. It’s complicated.

  6. stacie162 says:

    my 1st crush is in 4th grading he was so in love with me,he wants me to be his girlfriend!!!!<3 ❤

  7. Heyy says:

    My 1st crush wasnt my boyfriend but im now in 5th grade and i liked him since third but hes finally my bf! Hes actully my 2nd, my 1st cheated on me with my best friend n she was confused

  8. Nathalie says:

    Well, I said my first crush was in pre-k, but I didn’t feel it. We were friends and watched stuff we proably shouldn’t have, so we sai we were ‘dating.’ I can’t remember how me times we got ‘married.’ Ah, memories…
    The first real one happend quite recently, and is still going strong.
    I like-like you, Josh… (not love. Totally not love, but definitly not like- proably like-like, but not love. Yeah, it’s complicated)

  9. nikko says:

    I waz crazy about thiz 1 guy in kindergarden n me n him have been goin on n off of lykin each other 2 thiz day hahaha but me n him will alwaz be best frndz

  10. Somebody Embarrased says:

    I really like my crush, he is really nice, cute, and funny. Here is the thing, I don’t have anything to say around him, I’m in his math class and I sit right next to him! He even hugs me, every Friday! What should I do?

  11. Liza says:

    My first crush was 1st grade. Everyone knew it and looking back all i can do is laugh

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sixth grade
    Whenever someone asks me I just shrug it off I think he likes me too but I dont know for sure

  13. Tanner says:

    I have a girl friend it was a HOT girl

  14. Peace & Love says:

    My first crush was this year actually. I was at a dance and told him I like him. But I got nervous and ran off before he could say any thing. Then he was chaseing me for like 5 minutes trying to tell me. I got tired and sat down. Then him and some of his friends trapped me and then he told me. He said the normal thing :(. “I like you as a friend” that broke my heart. Then i stopped talking to him cause he was telling every one I like him. then i realised i was being to hard on him and started talking to him. But the part that made me cry is that he likes my bff. I get nervous when im around him. He is in my Homeroom,Math class, Reading class. And goes to the Youth Center with me . So I feel ackward alot.

    • Sadrina~is~awesome says:

      O my gosh i feel so sorry for you……..u know……..how he likes your bff……….that never happened to me, but if it did,i would be really sad…….

  15. Stupid~Cupid says:

    I had a crush too…..We were in fifth grade then (now I’m in 8th)…….I currently don’t have a new crush..but people tell me that my ”Fifth Grade Crush” Likes me back now…!! 🙂

  16. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could tell her! I’m not sure, but I think she likes me too or she’s just really nice…

  17. joey says:

    My first crush was in preschool and I told my sister about him and for some reason she wanted to write it in her diary so she asked me if she should call him hot in her diary and since I was 4 I didn’t know what that ment then I went out to the living room and told my mom that this boy in preschool was “sooooo hot” I was so embarresed when I found out what it ment!!

  18. Lol says:

    My first crush was just like ok hes nice

  19. hi fve says:

    Im sorry a little late to comment but any ways my crush did not last long she was my crush from 1rst grade to 3rd grade she was cute friendly and even helpful until one little lie got spreaded and ignored me all the time so there was no way for me to tell her the truth.

  20. jordan ( imbaresed ) says:

    i had a crush on a boy names cole from kindergarten to half or 3rd and not im in 4th and hes so mean now but now i kinda like my x-bf again but he cheeted on me with my bff and no waiy im going to b with him again but some times i cant get him out of my head what should i do ? And he kinda likes me i dont wunt to b his gf again never ghe told me his dream and he said it was to merry me at age 10 like just a week ago and no way hosaiy.

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