What’s great about your crush?

Crushes HeartsValentine’s Day is on its way, which makes us think of our crushes. Sigh…

It’s good to know that having a crush is normal part of growing up. Some people like to talk about their crush and others like to keep it secret.

If you want to share what’s wonderful about your crush, please comment below. We won’t print last names, so just call yourself “Anonymous” or give a first name, nickname or initials.

We won’t print mean stuff either, so don’t even try it! πŸ™‚

Learn more about crushes HERE.

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132 Responses to What’s great about your crush?

  1. candygirl says:

    i love my crush but he hates me because he thinks i have done something i have not done

    • Rachel says:

      Omg! Me too!! Idk what he thinks I did tho..

    • heartgirl says:

      My crush is not like that we always play tag together and one time our hands touched.

    • julia says:

      sorry girl!
      hey talk to him. ask friends to ask. be nice. kind. watch wat you might be doing.

    • Dakota says:

      What i love about my crush is that were great friends and we get along really well. He has a girlfriend he met on FaceBook but this isn’t the first. We never ever run out of things to talk about and i’ve known him since kindergarten. His name is Ben and he’s pretty cute and super easy to talk to when i have a problem… Thanx 4 reading guys! Hope your crushes like you too cuz i’m sure ur all gr8 ppl πŸ™‚

    • kk says:

      Don’t worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea. And if he does think you have done something that you didn’t then just explain to him that it is false. If he still doesn’t believe you than don’t even bother with him. Someday you will find someone thats perfect for you in every way. πŸ™‚

  2. jeanie:) says:

    what i like about my crush is that you can have a chance to feel fluttery inside and feel good about it! JM:)

  3. Phebee says:

    What’s so great about a crush? I think it’s that it’s a chance to start “getting ready” for marriage, without all the hard stuff. You can giggle, steal glances, bump into them and turn red, have the late-night prank calls and talk and laugh about them with your friends. But you don’t have the fights or the responsibility-yet. Those come later, with a deeper love than we can feel while we are young. But while we ARE young, we can enjoy the fun of a sweet innocent crush. πŸ™‚

  4. Lindsayβ™₯ says:

    What I like about my crush is that he is very smart, athletic, and handsome. I really want to make a friend in him, but I don’t know how to. I’m very shy, and even though his locker is next to mine, I still don’t have the nerve to talk to him.

    • Liya says:

      Maybe u shld just strt by askin him to lunch or somethin like tht
      After tht (if hes in ur grade) maybe u cld do hw together. Idk if this rely helps its just my ideas πŸ™‚ hope u work it out

  5. anonymous says:

    hes just so cute funny nice and hes sweet to everyone

  6. Jack Attack says:

    I really, REALLY like my crush and I really want to tell her I like her. It’s a great feeling ’cause everyone you’re near your crush you feel warm and happy inside. Just thinking about her makes me ξ—ξ€’ξ„†ξŒ©

    • Domnic says:

      Ok you Got to tell her, even though she may over react it will only last for like a week or two! She will also be alot more self confident if she knew at least 1 person likes her or if u don’t want to you could

      A.) put a note in her locker/desk (but not your hand writting)

      B.) have someone tell her for you.

      C.) have her ‘over here’ a convo

      • Lauren says:

        ok only A works, that other stuff will NOT want a girl to like you. TRUST me I am a girl i have been through a relationship before. Wait until you start to notice she has a crush on you, then type a simple but sweet note and put it in her locker.

      • Cici says:

        Me too, only A works and sometimes not on me, I have high standards.

      • B boy says:

        i am totally agreeing with Domnic here. Every girl will like to know that at least 1 person actually has a crush on them. So if you truly do sharing it with the person is the only way to make things better. (hopefully)

    • B boy says:

      I totally agree with Jack Attack. I also have this crush but i’m too afraid to tell her and every time i have a chance i look at her. Sometimes i fall into a daydreaming mode that lasts a long time and my teacher notices im not paying attention and calls on me

  7. PainterPink says:

    i like a guy in my class at school but my bff likes him too and a ton of other girls do. and he has a girlfriend 😦

    • Anonymous says:

      oh that is to bad but lokk for some other guy but keep him in mind plus is your crush really all that nice funny sweet or does everybody chase after his looks

  8. Britney says:

    I like my crush because he is sweet, he likes to tease me (which is funny), and he is so adorable! He has the cutesy freckles ever!!!

  9. Alex says:

    I like a girl also. She sit’s to the right of me in social studies class. We both like Manchester City and giraffes. Her name is Julia. She has the same name as my cousin. Her favorite number is 11.37, favorite color is purple, her dad comes from England and soon went to South Africa, her favorite animal is the giraffe, and she used to go to Hope Elementary. We’re pretty good friends. She made up a song about the life of Prince Siddhartha(the budha) when we were learning about Buddhism. Only a few of my best friends know I like her. Thanks for reading.

    P.S. Julia if you read this, hi see you at school.

    • Izzy says:

      Alex, I think that is pretty sweet of you to think that about her. I bet she would feel very flattered to hear all of your affection for her. On Valentine’s day, get her a flower or something simple and sweet. Almost all girls LOVE simple and sweet, and one nice carnation should scream simple and sweet.

      • Anirbas backwards name girl says:

        yeah we always like that stuff like if a girl has a crush on a dude and then the dude give her a flower or just smiles and tells her he likes her now that would be awsome if my crush would do that ( i dream about him)

    • Rachel says:

      awww… too cute!!! i hope she sees it!!!

    • Ashley says:

      It’s nice to know that! She must be great! glad to know that guys write about this too.

    • Stupid~Cupid says:

      That’s really sweet Alex…!! I Hope She Like’s You Back…!! πŸ™‚

    • Gaia says:

      listen, kts great you know so much about her. I think that since you know so much, its time to tell her how you feel. Don’t be shy! πŸ˜‰

      Hope things go well,


    • B boy says:

      You should totally tell her how you feel. Who knows maybe she will say she likes you too.

  10. Michelle says:

    I stopped liking somebody so we’re just friends, but he might be jealous because I like somebody else, and he knows. PLEASE HELP!

  11. Anyaforever says:

    I love my crushes, and trust me, I have a GAZILLION!
    I’m and 8th grader, I had my first crush when I was like 10, ’bout 5th grade. His name was Avery, and I met him at camp

  12. iluvanimals says:

    I luv my crush and we used 2 b boyfriend and girlfriend but then he dumped me and I am sad, scratch that, HEARTBROKEN cuz I don’t no y he did that. I still like Rami cuz he is nice 2 animals and people, he plays the drums in a rock band, and he is sooooo hot.

    If you read this Ram, tell me so we can talk.

    Luv Kaya

  13. Carli says:

    He can play guitar, he can sing, he’s funny, he’s a good actor, and he’s cute and nice. But she has him! ugggh! It brakes my heart! it’s just so hard to like him when he’ll never feel the same way. 😦 </3 I at least want to be friends with him!

  14. lol says:

    hes cute, funny and plays guitar & piano. we get on really well, and he tells me everything – like when he fancied my best friend. i didnt really mind cos hes really popular, and im a bit of a geek, so he’ll never like me 😦 he is friends with every one, and sings almost all the time, especially in re, where i sit next to him. we’re both quite musical, but he cant be bothered to do grades and the like, wheras i am going for my grade 4 flute and would kinda like to be like my friends sister, who is grade 7 (!!!). he has green eyes and black hair and a really round face. only my two best friends know i fancy him, but im astounded its not that obvious.

    • SS says:

      he sounds like a nice guy πŸ˜€
      hey don’t think he cant like you!
      it doesn’t matter how you look or your popularity in school and all, its about liking the person who’s inside πŸ™‚
      that’s the story with my boyfriend and me
      not boasting but umm… my friends tell me that my league is higher than his or some crap like that
      popularity or something
      but that doesn’t stop me from loving him more than anyone in the world!
      its about the person
      nothing else
      and since this guy sounds pretty cool, he probably could like you… if you guys are really close and all that
      cheers πŸ˜€

  15. double R says:

    my 1st crush was elijah groth in first grade

  16. double R says:

    but FOR SURE my best crush ever is alessandro:) he is adorable πŸ™‚ if you see this alessandro xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo :):):):):) to you xoxoxoxo

  17. foolforRyan says:

    my crush and i were dating but i dumped him because he was cheating on me:(

  18. Bear says:

    I like my crush because he is my best friend and even though he’s popular and people think I’m kind of weird, he doesn’t care. He and I are very similar and we’ve never had an arguement. We’ve had disagreements but we agree to disagree.

  19. Izzy says:

    One day, this girl ran up to me and told me that a boy in the same grade but different class has a crush on me. He was running behind her to stop her from telling me. It might have been either because he didn’t wan’t me to know and he was being shy, or that he was lying. I like him back and I he actually likes me because I’m gonna get him something for Valentine’s Day. Probably a flower. I really hope he likes me and the flower.

  20. Ian says:

    She is HOT and is in my class. Her name isClaire

  21. Lamia says:

    my first crush was in first grade an his name was linus

    • chocogirl says:

      my crush is called Jake. i really like him. He USED to be dating my best friend, but now they broke-up, witch leves space for ME!!!!! πŸ™‚ he is in the same class as me. we are in 5th grade, me and jake are friends, and we get along pretty well. I always make him laugh in his worst moments. He trusts me, beacause he tells me all his secrets. He told me that in 4th grade he liked me, but it wasnt for very long. He has brown, curly hair, green eyes, he is 11, and I’m 10,
      and he is way too handsom!!!!!!!!!! XD my plan is to, by the end of the year, to be jake’s GIRLFRIEND. And, belive me, thats not impresive. Most of the girls in grade 5 have boyfriends.

      • chocogirl says:

        Jake, if you read my coment, i like you soooooooo much and i hope you like me in the same way.
        P.S pleeeeeeease, ask me out and, for sure, i will say YES!!!!!!!! (: (: (: (: (: sarah b.

  22. sharebear22 says:

    i ❀ my crush i had a crush on him once then hated him ,but know he likes me and i'm starting to get the feelings for him and its my best friends brother!

  23. Rachel says:

    My crush is amazing!!! But i dont think he likes me. =( He loves to play basketball, is very athletic, luvs miami heat, has sparkling blue eyes and blond hair, is really smart, and totally cute!!! Jaxon if u read this i like u sooo much!!!

    Rachel T.

  24. shannon says:

    My first crushes name is dillon and he really makes my heart flutter every time i see him

    shannon 12

  25. anonymous says:

    I like him, all right. There are no reasons behind.

  26. jessica says:

    My best crush in the whole world is my dad. last year i had a valentine but my dad got jealous and said that he was my valentine then he bought me basketball shoes! ❀ im extremely boy crazy! πŸ˜‰ boys make my world go round!!! πŸ˜‰

  27. Anonymous says:

    my crush was in my class last year and we used to talk all the time but now he found out that i like him so we’re both in different classes and now e wont say anything to me not a word

  28. Lola says:

    I love having crushes on Jerks who r really nice

  29. Julia says:

    My crush’s name is Andrew. He is cute and gets good grades. I’m not really cool so I don’t think anybody likes me and anybody ever will. I have short curly hair and I’m not cute or popular like he is even though I am the smartest kid in the grade.

  30. Shannon says:

    What is great about my crush is that he is funny and just pure fun and great to talk to all the time

  31. Anonymous says:

    I have a crush on a boy named Kyle. We were friends in 4th but then in 3rd quater I started to have feelings for him. Then in 5th we were split up.Now in 6th grade we are in almost every single class together and I always catch him looking at me sometimes. And every time I see him I act all cool,funny,and giggle and my friends think im crazy.I just hope some day we can be more than friends someday.But another bad thing is he lives down the street from me so I always like to look for him while riding my bike . I can’t wait to build up the nerve and talk to him or if he talks to to me I hope I dont act like a dumb person that says,”yeahhhhh, uhhhh (giggle giggle giggle)”

  32. Purplemonsterheart says:

    My crush is the best. For two years we’ve been best friends, even though we don’t act like it. We like to tease each other, and we both have the same interests, like the fact we’re both amazing singers even thought our families Arn’t. And on the way to the honer choir we are in, we always talk and laugh and have a great time. He even recently started calling me by a really cute nickname. We have kind of been bf/gf for the two years, but we don’t announce it and I love it that way. I hope he feels the same way!:)

  33. Someone says:

    My first crush is still my crush now his name is Christian but the great thing about it is that all his friends told me he likes me and is going to ask me out on valentines day! πŸ™‚

  34. Unknown says:

    I’m in love with my crush and I feel so nervous around him. It feels like im the only girl in school who doesn’t know him!!

  35. Nathalie says:

    He’s sooooooooooooo nice and funny! He totally gets me, we’re great friends! Only one of my BFFs knows, and I think she thought I was just joking cause she hates him cause he teases people. Not heavily, just a little! He stops if it gets too out of hand, and can take a joke.

  36. PointePrincess says:

    My crush is so funny! He’s really sweet, too. On Friday, some girls were making fun of me. I ran down the hall hooked a right, and sat crying a littleways past Mr. E’s room. He ran after me. When he found me, he sat down next to me, said, “No matter what those girls say to you, you’re always beautiful to me,” and hugged me.

  37. Alyssa says:

    i ❀ my boyfriend,Hunter, because he has a great personality and he is always nice to me. He appreciates everything and he is EXTREMELY hot!!! i also love skateboarding with him!!!!

  38. Cecilia says:

    i wish my crush jacob was single

  39. Liza says:

    I really like him since we were in the 3rd grade but i dont think he will ever like me the way i like maybe even love him

  40. Sierra says:

    Well I have a crush and hes really funny but I hate when the teacher yells at him for not understanding a problem hims name is Joel

  41. kate says:

    i have had several crushes and i had this crush on this seriously cute guy but then he transferred to another school and after he transferred i found out he had a crush on me and kept trying to get up the courage to ask me out, i mean is the world cruel or what.

  42. Yo-Yo says:

    Hey, What I like about my crush is that . He is sweet, funny, and altheletic… He has a really nice smile, evne thoguh he has braces. He maybe be kinda self-centered, but he means a lot to me. He makes me laugh and smile, tells me stuff he never told anybody, but I am just a best friend to him, but i’m ok, but i dotn care because as long as i have him in my life i feel great πŸ™‚

  43. Paragon says:

    I have two crushes one said she used to like me but i have the felling that she still does.
    the other i work with as a captian.

  44. Anonymous says:

    His outgoing personality, his dark hair , blue eyes confident smile hes really smart, helps his classmates and treats me like a princess!
    P.s-If you read this Liam, I really do like you

  45. toya says:

    I have a crush on this boy he don’t know but everytime i see him i get this good feeling

  46. missupset says:

    sum1 plz help me i still am in love with my exbf who dumped me for sum1 else

  47. taylor says:

    hello. i am in seventh grade and a couple of weeks ago this gy asked me out
    at a dance. he bought me something for valentines day too. i wish he would
    talk to me though. he is really shy. im scared to talk to him. what do you
    guys think i should do?

  48. Julia says:

    my crush lives an hour or so away but we met and really like each. hes a country boy with brown hair brown eyes and FRECKLES! πŸ™‚ he thinks im beautiful but hes shy. i love him! like. not marry him but maybe in the future. he has been the best guy – the guy who has treated me the best- i love you noah!

  49. Anonymous says:

    My crush is cute

  50. brittant says:

    so i meet him in first grade and we were talkingAND WE LOOK INTO EACH OTHERS EYES AND FELL IN LOVEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Kayleigh says:

    I am in 4th grade and I already have a boyfriend ! We’ve been dating for 5 month’s! We’ve gone on 5 dates! His name is Tanner!

  52. Anonymous says:

    The guy I like has been my friend since before kindergarten. We are in the same IBA class (Intro To Business Apps) and whenever he talks to me he sounds nervous so I can’t help but think he likes me back. I don’t know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Kayla says:

    I like this boy he is a football player and he is soooo cute i liked him scince 4th grade i barley talk to him and when i do i blush plz help what do i do to talk to him and get to no him?

  54. 3crushez says:

    I hav 3 crushes:
    1. Justin Bieber! Why? OMG he is sooo hawt! i mean the songs, the hair….i love him and today is his b-day!! I saw his movie, ima buy his book…its an obsession.
    2. Diego. Why? He surfs has great hair is outgoing and funny (he can make me laf 24/7) is hawt
    3. Max. Why? Max is new this yr to our skool but he is sooooo smart he does karate (is strong) hes got blue eyes and plays the drums in da skool band.

    i just wish 1 of them would ask me out!! not that i make myself noticed…although i am outgoing and not shy i always get shy around them!
    3crushez ❀

  55. lilillygurly says:

    i love mii crush we have been two ghether for two months

  56. anonymous says:

    this boy named rylan likes me. he’s pretty cute. I have a crush on a boy named trey. He’s cute,hot,athletic,smart,funny, sweet. Unlike most people, i’m not afraid to talk to him.

  57. mexi98 says:

    hes from afrikaaaa he like kornbreee2eeeeed

  58. Anonymous says:

    I just started school back up after a year of home schooling. I am in 8th grade and have a crush on like the cutest boy in school. He says I am mean and called me a curse word. All my friends say to ignore him but its kind of hard to when he is flirting with u and other girls in class. What do I do?

    • Artemis says:

      Do u think that he will ever get over wat her did 2 u? if he can then try to flirt with him. If he can’t then HE IS A TOTAL JERK!

    • Charlie says:

      I am a boy and that has happened to me. Trust me don’t do it in my grade in terms of girls I am the most popular a bunch what I thought were weirdos confronted me about their love for me I was grossed out and never talked to them.

  59. Tina says:

    My friend has a crush on Daniel. she loves him but I don’t know what is so great about that guy.

  60. maya says:

    my crush is soo cute!! i think he likes me too because he tries to go by me.

  61. Anonymous says:

    She’s so cute! I think she likes me but I’m not sure…
    I wish I had the guts to tell her I like alot!
    But this other kid I think likes her to, I don’t know what to do! Can someone reply with advice.
    P.S. It’s fourth grade! ❀

    • Artemis says:

      i have been through fourth grade. Does she like that other kid? If not TELL HER NOW!!!! If she likes him TELL HER NOW!!!!! she will like u better cuz u had the guts to tell her and he didn’t. If u r to afraid from telling her to her face then write her a note.

    • LoveDove says:

      Just send her a note or get a middle man. By get a middle man is get someone to tell her you like her. Just make sure it’s not someone who will tell everyone about it. And I think your brave to even post this most people wouldn’t.

    • Charlie says:

      wait tell with grade then put it in her locker

    • Selah says:

      so ur a dude? I”m a girl. Now, I’m in 5th grade, but I have a huge crush. I haven’t told him that I like him, but, you can tell the girl that you like her if you want to. Try to act normal, even tho you might feel like throwing up lol.

  62. Lauren says:

    i REALLY like this kid in my math and reading class named John. He talks to me, but I don’t know if he likes me as a girl friend or just a friend. I don’t know if I want HIM to know that I like him. What do I do? HELP!!!!!

  63. Candy says:

    One thing I like about my crush is that, he’s cute and funny.

  64. NR says:

    I have a crush who I don’t like. I don’t know if I like him or not!

  65. A-Train says:

    I had a few crushes one in two in kindergarden and one right now in fourth grade. I got over my first two crushes but the one in fourth grade I’m don’t know hot to tell her I like her. What do I do

  66. Sadrina~is~awesome says:

    My crush’s name is Tommy.I like him because he is really funny,and when he talks to other girls he is a bit mean(like teases them ),but when he is around me,he is really nice,but the weird thing is,that he has a girlfriend.Isn’t that weird?.Oh,and in my school there are the “popular” people and then “unpopular” people-and tommy is popular but i am not(i got friends,but we’re not like in the “cool” category)-and plus,because im in Australia,there is no middle school and elementary and stuff,there is primary,high school,then college-primary is kindy to year 6,and im in year 6,so i won’t be seeing him next year 😦 im so sad! 😦

  67. 100% says:

    My crushes name is Jessica. She is really cute and really nice. If you met her you might beat me for her. Thats how cute she is. Just dont please. I think she likes me too. She always looks at me and tries to sit next too me in band. It annoys me sometimes but i also like it.

  68. Artemis says:

    I have a crush on a guy named Ian and he is super cute! He likes me too. Here’s somethin’ that girls should do if u like a guy. right him a note. I did. i also had a friend who kept on talkin’ to him and it turned out that he had a crush on me too. we r having our first “date” in a few days and i am really excited. I like Ian because he is sweet and smart and funny. All of the things i look for in a guy. i just hope our relationship goes well.

  69. Caitline says:

    My crush is sooooooooooo nice 2 me and has good manners and knows how to really french kiss nicely,his sexy and very talented by playing great Soccer!

  70. Daniel says:

    my crushes name is Katie and i love her so much someone told her and i feel embarrassed because the only people i told was my friend Hunter i love her very much

  71. Joey says:

    Hi, my name is Joey and I like a girl named Taylor, She is verry pretty. She has Blonde hair, blue eyes, and she looks like a modle. The only bad part is that 7 other boys like her. And I KNOW Wich boy she likes. He is one of my friends. I don’t know if she likes me back but I have been putting on calone and dressing different. I relly hope she will be my girlfriend.

  72. Lillie says:

    Well I like this guy Andrew he’s nice , smart , HOT and he likes me I’m just 2 afraid 2 tell him I like him , it’s really complacated it would take me 2 day 2 write the whole thing

  73. marshall says:

    My crush was an girl called lilly but moved to ireland but I do have another one called neha

  74. Nicole says:

    My crush’s name is RJ. He’s a year older than me, and he’s really cute, smart, and funny. I’m in 11th grade and he’s in 12th. He’s a really great guy, but he doesn’t give himself enough credit, and gets frustrated with classes easily. I try to help him out whenever I can, though, and we get along pretty well. πŸ™‚

  75. Xanadu says:

    My crush is beautiful and the only one I ever had.

  76. Rachel says:

    I have a crush on this boy named Paxton!

  77. Rachel says:

    Everything about him perfect him perfect to me!

  78. vickyanonymous says:

    my crush is super cute and super kind and nice to everyone he likes me as a friend

  79. LoveDove says:

    I like my crush a lot but the only problem is he doesn’t like me. I sort of understand why he doesn’t like me. It’s because I used to be mean to him because back then I hated him. We were together in third grade but he was so immature and cheated on me so obviously I broke up with him. But now I like him again and I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

  80. Charlie says:

    I am one of those boys who doesn’t like sports at all but if you give me all the names in the grade on a note pad I can put their crush next to the name I really like a girl who I am friends with so I really do not mess up the whole relationship with a crush. What should I do?

    1.put a letter in her locker

    2.slip her a box of treats with out her seeing me(trust me I can do that if anyone can)

    3.just keep joking with her and establishing an even better relationship (but then I will have to wait for next valentine day)

  81. oneofΓŸΛ†β‰ˆ says:

    I have a crush on a boy he likes me and i like him but i am in 5th grade, and it is 2 young to date so we r best friends. i like it better that way cause i can talk to him about everything and it is better. we have popular peeps in our school too. and everyone thinks we r dating but we aren’t.
    here is some advice: get to know the guy, become friends cause trust me it is really nice to just have a really nice friend to talk to about anything. We both decided to just stay friends and it was the best decision ever! It is almost valentines day and we aren’t going to do anything really, maybe say hi be a little closer than usual but really nothing much and it is fine. i am really annoyed because everybody hates him so it makes me sad. he has a lot of girls that r his friends and there is nothing wrong with that but popular peeps tease him. I hate popular people! anyway it is better to have a friendship than to jump right in to dating! trust me!
    oneofΓŸΛ†β‰ˆ is out

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